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Avon har många fler däck än dom vi visar nedan, många special och extreme däck.
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VP2 Xtreme

VP2 Xtreme
Ultra-high performance trackday specialist
Recommended for trackday use
Superb dry weather performance thanks to super-sticky
rubber compound.
Very quick to reach working temperature
Large footprint at extreme lean angles
Stable under hard braking
Track orientated profiles provide composed turning characteristics.


Storm 2 Ultra

Storm 2 Ultra
Longer mileage tyre
State of the Art is defined by Storm 2 Ultra
Storm 2 Ultra is an evolution of our award winning
Storm-ST range giving you more mileage and more grip
Multi-compound Super Rich Silica (SRS) treads give rear tyres an
extra 12% mileage

New technology is incorporated in the 0 degree belting system and
dynamic stresses within the carcass have been tuned
This new technology not only increases mechanical grip, giving
Iiproved traction in both the wet and dry, but it also enhances
handling and ride comfort.


Great looks for unusual custom fitments
Sizes to fit custom bikes
Low noise levels
Robust radial construction to cope with heavy loads
Good stability in corners


Pro-Xtreme Rain

Pro-Xtreme Rain
Optimum track grip for rainy days
Deeply grooved tread pattern designed to expel water from contact patch area Tread pattern extends to tyre shoulders to expel water even at high lean angles Rubber compound specially formulated for wet conditions to give superb grip Designed specially for circuit use Confidence inspiring in poor conditions Road legal for Supermoto application

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